Jed Micka Consulting specializes in two principal sectors: information technology and the public sector. This allows us to frame the problems we observe and the solutions we recommend in sector-specific language.


Within the IT space we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver strategy recommendations, feasibility studies, and detailed risk analyses that enable you to make well-informed business decisions. By leveraging our network of subject-matter experts we are also able to assemble development teams, specific to the needs of your individual project, that will prototype and deliver well documented code to market in a timely manner. By working with you to create an appropriate balance between on-site advising and outsourced labor, we minimize any communication risks, ensure the highest possible quality of code, reduce project cost, and create the greatest likelihood of project success, as measured by the positive impact on your bottom line. Whether you are looking to rapidly prototype the next industry-changing idea to secure seed or angel funding, to develop a new application in order to expand within your market, or simply seeking advice on how to distinguish yourself from your competitors in the global market, we can provide the actionable information and concrete results that you seek.


We provide research and analysis of emerging geopolitical trends in the shared space within which corporate and governmental actors operate. One can no-longer examine corporate actors from a purely business-oriented perspective, since the market strategy of the largest of these actors is now being shaped by political concerns, especially in the case of state-controlled enterprises and sovereign wealth funds. Meanwhile, many State actors are using market incentives to attain their political objectives, thus requiring an economic approach to fully understand their foreign policy. Jed Micka Consulting specializes in delivering well-reasoned analyses of these complex partnerships that can help explain seemingly irrational political and / or business decisions.