Jed Micka Consulting provides solutions in four key competencies: strategy, technology, globalization and outsourcing.


All of the problems we address are designed to help you achieve the objectives in your corporate strategy. At times, however, this strategy might benefit from the review of a impartial third party. In this role, Jed Micka Consulting can make recommendations about how you might use your unique strengths to create new market opportunities, and how you might minimize your exposure to the strengths of your competitors. We specialize in examining how technology might facilitate this; in how you might make outsourcing work to your advantage; in how you might take advantage of emerging political, technical and economic trends; and in how you might leverage regional and cultural differences to your advantage.


Technology is often marketed as the panacea to all corporate ills, as the solution to every problem that your business is facing, but technology is no more powerful than any other tool. When used properly it can extend the capabilities of your business, but when used excessively it has the potential to make the problem worse. By carefully explaining the advantages and the costs of implementing a technological solution, Jed Micka Consulting will help you identify when, and more importantly, when not to use technology to overcome a challenge.


We operate under the assumption that the world is now sufficiently inter-connected to create a global market. We no longer have the luxury of operating within a closed market, and thus must consider how best to distinguish ourselves not only from competitors within our own national market, but also from competitors located within other national markets. This means that we can no longer make business decisions without being informed about global political and economic trends. Jed Micka Consulting excels in presenting and explaining both the complexities and the opportunities found in this global market space that are inherent in each of the problems we address, be they technical, strategic, economic, or political in nature.


In a global market place it no longer makes sense to pay an employee a cost-of-living premium to do an average job locally when that same job can be done elsewhere for less. Certainly, there are valid concerns that arise when one considers outsourcing important development jobs, not the least of which is the potential for language differences to impede efficient communication. Much is made of this so-called "language barrier" - but does it differ significantly from the inherent barrier that already exists between technical-speaking back-office teams and business-speaking front-office teams? In fact, specific positions have emerged to translate the jargon of one group into the jargon of the other: program and project managers. Leveraging this existing structure, Jed Micka Consulting provides on-site advisers responsible for handling interactions between you and your outsourced development team. In this manner we can minimize the risks of outsourcing while maximizing the benefits; we provide access to a network of trusted developers as well as the on-site advisers that will act as a liaison between you and the off-site development team.