Jed Micka Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategic and technical advice. Founded in 2004 to provide technical and project management solutions to companies expanding their mobile and web presence, the company soon found itself addressing the challenges of outsourcing software development and of managing multi-cultural teams in a 24-hour development environment. Jed Micka Consulting has recently expanded to address the economic and political challenges facing governmental agencies as they attempt to define their foreign policy with respect to the rapidly evolving Arctic region.

Whether you are a corporation seeking to distinguish yourself in the global market-place or a governmental agency seeking to better understand the motives and strategies of the actors therein, we can provide the research, analysis and recommendations that will facilitate your decision-making process. Be your questions technical or geopolitical in nature, we have the experience to provide informed, well-reasoned recommendations in a timely manner. For those issues requiring a technical solution, we have the network and the proven experience to implement them - when they are shown to directly advance your business objectives; when they are not, we have the integrity to tell you so up-front.


Jedediah Micka - Jed has worked extensively with incubator and start-up companies to refine their vision and to prototype and implement applications for mobile, web, and desktop platforms. He has nearly a decade of experience in project and direct management roles as well as a wealth of experience navigating multi-cultural environments. Jed earned his MPhil (mention bien) from Sciences Po with a masters thesis on the evolution of Russia's Foreign Policy in the Arctic, his BA in Philosophy (magna cum laude, phi beta kappa) from Columbia University and his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, climbing and traveling, photos of which can be found here.

Curriculum Vitae (in English, French and Russian)